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The Dealer Martech show talks about Marketing Technology for Automotive Dealerships # DealerMartech #Automotivemartech


Today's guest on the Dealer Masrtech Show is Brad Paschal. Brad's experience ranges from being an E-commerce director for a multiple rooftop automotive group to vendor advocate and driving sales award winner. We talk about tips on how to bring back the human element into your dealership's marketing, as well as some tips and tricks to optimize your's stores website.

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Today's guest on the Dealer Masrtech Show is Mat Koenig. Co-founder of one of the best Automotive conferences out there, the Rockstar Automotive Conference. Mat has also led the way in creating high converting user experiences for one of America's most untapped markets, the Spanish speaking car buyer. We were fascinated by his story, and we know you will be as well.

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May 21, 2017

01: What are UTM tags?

On this week's episode "What are UTM tags?", we have digital marketing director and speaker Matt Raymond talking about UTM tags and how to:

  • How to build your UTM URL
  • How to name the sections of your UTM URL.
  • Where to look in Google Analytics to see your data

You can download this episode and any resources mentioned here: https://dealermartech.com/what-are-utm-tags/

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